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The highly anticipated second volume of break beats from drummer, Billy Martin (a.k.a illy B) is finally available for eager fans awaiting to spin the breaks at clubs nation-wide.

CD & Vinyl (limited edition 500 copies)

Limited signed and silkscreened copies by illy B.
Only 99 copies signed numbered and printed!
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As part of a remix series (Drop The Needle – Illy B Eats Remixes vol.1 & Breakbeats and Antidote – illy B Eats Remixed 2) DJ’s and musicians whom use the Vol. 2 beats in original compositions will be asked to submit their contributions for consideration of Amulet Records on-going collaborative projects.

Billy Martin (aka illy B)
drums, percussion (talking drum, slit gongs, caxixi, bamboo, cowbells, jigglesticks)
Eddie Bobe

Title : illy B Eats 2
Artist : Billy Martin (guest Eddie Bobe)

Label : Amulet Records
Catalog #: amt013
Retail Price (Vinyl): $14.00 ($12.00 at the Amulet Records Store)
Retail Price (CD): $14.00 ($12.00 at the Amulet Records Store)
Street Date: April 6, 2004
Available: At most independent record shops and some larger commercial chains in the USA and Canada via NAIL distribution and directly through the Amulet Records Store.
If you are a store or distributer out of the US or Canada and would like to order, please contact billy@amuletrecords.com.

Submission deadline: Oct 31, 2004
You must use a beat from the illy B Eats 2 record.
You may process the beats in any way to fit your style (I.E. change tempo, change pitch, cut and paste beats together in any order, add other sounds, play instruments, sing, rap, use samples, etc...)
Do not use other published music unless you have permission to use those samples.
The submission can be an incomplete idea that you feel may have potential for a composition or collaboration.
Check out previous submission reports from the last two remix projects
Mail submission (CDr format preferred) to: illy Eats c/o Amulet, P.O.Box 311, Closter, NJ 07624-0311
You will be notified at the end of 2004 if your mix is being considered for the upcoming 3rd volume remix project
Other questions? Need permission to use any of the illy B Eats for another project? email: eats@amuletrecords.com


Side A
1  Pedestal of ill fate...3:50
2  Rocking Man...1:36
3  Tree of Truth...2:43
4  The Apprentice...4:12
5  Wish Maker...2:45
6  Jersey I...2:12
7  Invisible Path...2:20
8  Shacklyn...4:42
9  Sweeping Up...2:16

Side B
1  Secret Bearer...4:32
2  Wand Magic...3:04
3  Pan Ninja...2:17
4  Lucky Charm...2:18
5  Ladder...2:04
6  Root Man...1:51
7  Invention Necklace...3:35
8  illstraction...2:09
9  Bam Bip...2:15

Bonus (CD Only)  Embryo...2:33

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