Songs and rhythms that require far more than the ears alone. Songs drenched in magic and mysticism--traveling from the depths of a distant village, to your favorite urban street corner.

The journeyman is led to a somehow familiar place in an unknown land. Here, there are no telephones to say what we cannot say. A message is being sent to living and non-living things alike. Fortunately for the receiver, the language is universal.

A storm is brewing beneath the earth's surface, birds cease to converse, and a child cries in his mother's arms. "Hush, hush," she coos. he looks into her face with infinite trust and sleeps in song to her heavy heartbeat.

The honking of horns and the laughter of children fill the thick summer air. The mother fans her face as she remembers her own mother rocking and swaying her to sleep on that very fire escape.