Leave it to Moses, a multi-directional shamanistic groovilator, to put all the pieces together. On Time Stood Still, another sprawling producion of De-Mille-ian scale. - Bill Milkowski, Downbeat

***** -Downbeat (1994)


"With the Story of Moses, he has realized a masterwork of conception and sound. Adventure, originality, innovation and wisdom abound throughout this recording and epic work by an evergrowing and deepening artist. For me this is easily one of the most important and satisifying records of the last decade." -Pat Metheny

    "Visit With The Great Spirit is one of the most exciting large band records I've heard in years. This is what large band ought to be in 1984 - an eruption of rhythm, color and melody that is redolent of the most adveturous music from all jazz eras...one of the wildest and most joyus rides jazz has taken in years." -Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News
    "Bob Moses, composer, drummer, poet, artist, conceptualizer, inspirer of people, has created a musical enviornment that is balanced between discipline and freedom, compositional design and spontaneous inspiration. A party with a purpose. This album is original, soulful, funny and very special. I hope a lot of poeple get as much enjoyment from it as I have." -Gil Evans

"Aquaduct for the porpoises?"... Bob (Rahboat Ntumba) Moses has coined many phrases with regard to his perspective on things. His inner world is vast. Always evolving yet maintaining a language all his own. Wizard of art , sound and concepts. He hears something hip in anything: from Janet Jackson to Olivier Messaien or Ellington to Cream. Every experience is an epic realization. Sharing his ideas and thoughts with people of all backgrounds from young students to the great artists of our time. Moses is truly a cult hero. Ahead of his time-perhaps but too few can appreciate his creative mastery. A Godson of Max Roach. He grew up in a building in NYC filled with American legends: Art Blakey, Charles Mingus, Rasaan Roland Kirk, Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach to name a few. His stories of playing and growing up around these artist are classics. If you have witnessed his performances or his bandleading you have been blessed. An eternal child wonder. "Never an adult moment." Have you experienced a juju-mensch at a breakdance party? A jazz musician jonesing for some LSD-booty-shakin' action. He dances. He Raps. He talks story. He drums. He paints. A beat poet meets Sitting Bull speaks in tongues watching Buddha nature flow "Bittersweet in the Ozone" is Mozone. Broheem supreme, spirits travel far, sending messages of pure love inspiration.

"A world within worlds within a world." -Billy Martin (May 1999)


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