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September 2006

Billy Martin and Cyro Baptista curate the Stone in September
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Friday, Sept. 15th


Cyro Baptista and Billy Martin's Student Bodies
Cyro Baptista and Billy Martin (percussion) and special guests
New percussion music born out of Cyro and Billy's ongoing percussion workshops in N.J.

10 pm
Billy Martin's IOOI
Ikue Mori (electronics) DJ Olive (turntables) Okkyung Lee (cello) 'Illy B' Martin (percussion)
Saturday, Sept. 16th

Shelley Hirsch, Okkyung Lee and Ikue Mori
Shelley Hirsch (voice) Okkyung Lee (cello) Ikue Mori (electronics)

10 pm
Billy Martin music and visuals
Billy Martin (percussion and films)
Sunday, Sept. 17th

and 10 pm

Airto Moreira solo
Airto Moreira (percussion)
Legendary Brazilian percussionist Airto plays solo percussion in this very rare and intimate setting.

The Stone

NYC corner of Ave C & 2nd Street

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