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July 2006

Friday, July 26th & 31st , 2-3:30 pm

It's time again for another exotic rhythm workshop with Cyro Baptista and Billy Martin

Limited to 10 students - 2 days - $200
Tenafly, NY

Cyro will discuss Brazilian culture, music and being a percussionist.
This is a hands on type of workshop, starting with basic rhythms and getting into more complex patterns, the students develop their perception and musical intuition.
Billy will conduct a creative music workshop using various 'exotic' percussion instruments on-hand. We will improvise as a group and encourage individuals to solo within each piece of music we create together.

Instruments provided by Cyro and Billy.

Location: Cyro's house in Tenafly - NJ
1/2 hour bus ride from George Washington Bridge (175th Street/Broadawy, NYC)
35 minute bus ride from Port Authority
10 minutes by car from GW Bridge.

To make reservation: email billy@amuletrecords.com or cyro@cyrobaptista.com

PayPal accepted

Friday, July 21st, 8 pm

Billy Martin - thumb piano solos (aka mbiras)

Benefit performance

The Stone
NYC corner of Ave C & 2nd Street

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