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1 - Out of the Box 9:56
2 - K Crash Ride 4:32
3 - Tuning Up 2:59
4 - Solo For Elliott 11:17
5 - The Passing 5:54
6 - Russian Spring 4:48
7 - Spring Reprise 3:08
8 - The Long Goodbye 2:22



"Allen Herman was my first drum teacher. He showed me how to hold the sticks and make them bounce effortlessly. Out of the Box is a beautiful meditation that takes you on a mysterious journey through Allens' universe . This masterpiece is an uncompromising artistic improvisation from a man that has been there, left and come back to a higher more spiritual expression of playing. I am very proud to have helped my first teacher get his personal musical message out and add it to the pantheon of solo drumming vocabulary"
- Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) December 2011

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