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|1| Criterion
|2| Woodpecker
|3| 5G Veve
|4| Tuba Solo for Marcus Rojas
|5| Veve 33
|6| Puszta Derelicts
|7| Three Easy Pieces
|8| Coconuts Feeding Birds
|9| Nest Regurgitation (Cone Veve)
|10| Yoruban Game
|11| My Morning Feldman
|12| Monkey Gongs
|13| Veve for MMW
|14| Repons (The Black One)
|15| Mirage Theme Two
|16| Kara’i oka
|17| Stridulation ala Golden Potion
|18| Sam
|19| Coral Sea
|20| Veve 32



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Wandering Music includes new original music by BIlly Martin written for strings, percussion, brass, electronics and more. The 'graphic score series' use drawings (included in CD booklet) from the Wandering book that informed solo interpretations by music masters Cyro Baptista, Nels Cline, Anthony Coleman, David Fiuczynski, Bill Frisell, Annie Gosfield, Billy Martin, Rakalam Bob Moses, and Marcus Rojas.

Produced by Billy Martin and Hal Willner

©2004 Amulet Records